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EV Chargers and Accessories

Complimentary 3 Year Warranty with New Purchase

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our comprehensive warranty at absolutely no cost- a $595 savings!

Who we are

G9EV LLC is a new company formed by Frank von Holzhausen and Ed Gilchrest.

Both have been developing and manufacturing Level 2 charging stations (EVSEs) for almost 5 years and have a wealth of experience in the design, engineering and manufacturing of thousands of units already installed around the country.


Having done this for several companies, we feel its time for us to make our own products and bring them to the market. Our focus is on building tough, reliable, products that are easy to install and maintain - something that has been missing from many of our competitors.


We make all of our offerings here in Connecticut with a highly skilled workforce backed by world class designers and engineers to keep our product current and trouble free. Our experienced sales force will guide you through the purchase process and be sure you are completely satisfied.

We stand behind all that we offer and you will not be disappointed by our products and our service. Give us a try. 

Made In USA

Drive American Innovation, Power Your Future With Us

G9EV is one of the few companies in the US to design, manufacture, and assemble commercial-grade EV chargers. 

One Stop Shop For All Service Related Needs

Our ServiceBar simplifies the complexities of EV charging installation and maintenance. Our coast-to-coast network of certified G9EV Field Service Providers (FSPs) offers comprehensive site surveys, site planning & make-ready, station installation & validation, station activation, and ongoing maintenance & repair.


Our service team shares our commitment to safety, excellence, and a great customer experience.

We are at your Service


G9EV EV Chargers 

ChargePoint AC

Flo CoRe+

Blink HQ 200

Pedestal or Wall Mount Included

Made in the USA

Custom Branding

Robust Premium Product


1-5 years

1-3 years

3 years

2 years

Why G9EV

Commerical Chargers

Most Reliable

Proven Design
(5+yrs in field)

Built-in Retractor

15 Minute Install

Open Source Network

G9EV stands out for its combination of a proven design, quick installation, included mounting options, local manufacturing, and customizable branding, along with an open-source network. While other products offer some of these features, G9EV uniquely integrates all of them, making it a competitive choice in the market.

We are here to help 

Our sales and customer support team is here to find the right solutions for your challenges.  Whether it is new EVSE needs or servicing legacy products, we are here to help.

1200 Main Street South , Southbury, CT  06488

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